Asset Qualifier Home Loan

The Right Fit For You?

Not currently employed but have a high net worth?

As a mortgage loan product, a Asset Qualifier Home Loan uses current liquid assets rather than income for qualification purposes. Since there is no income or employment necessary, only assets are qualifying requirements. This loan can prove beneficial for anyone with high net worth and not currently employed. 

What Assets Qualify?  Retirement and investment accounts along with bank accounts such as checking and savings accounts are all acceptable assets.

More Specifics on an Asset Qualifier Home Loan:

  • Loan must be for primary residence (non-warrantable condos accepted)
  • No debt to income requirement 
  • No income or employment requirement
  • No foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale within 5 years
  • Assets must show 6 months history
  • Loan amount up to $3 Million
  • Post closing assets of $500,000 requirement